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Hello, my name is Dr. Wendell Walton Becton, a sports medicine physician and the creator/designer of Turtlehoohdie. My professional career has placed me on many sidelines for football games during the cold weather season. After many chilling nights, I realized that a standard hoodie just wasn't doing the job keeping me comfortable; this is when the original idea for the TURTLEHOODIE came to me.

The TURTLEHOODIE is the original turtleneck hoodie. The TURTLEHOODIE’s unique design features a hooded sweatshirt with a built-in turtleneck to achieve optimum warmth and cold weather protection.


The TURTLEHOODIE is great for a variety of activities both indoors and out. The TURTLEHOODIE is comfortable and warm enough for cold weather wear, workwear, team spirit wear, sportswear, or everyday wear. Wear your TURTLEHOODIE anywhere!


Customize your TURTLEHOODIE with a logo or design of your choice for an additional cost. Contact us via e-mail for more information regarding customization

Wendell Walton Clothing Company

"In any weather, anywhere, go places with TURTLEHOODIE"

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